Dan Guthrie [dan@danguthrie.net] is a multi-disciplinary creative currently based in South London whose works often explore the performance of identities. 

Three Young Men on a Bench¹@blackindaburbs² / Seven Stages³ / Skin in the Game⁴ / Gold on Film⁵ / London Short Film Festival / The Covers Show⁷ / Playback Festival 2018⁹ / [smiths]¹⁰ / MANDEM¹¹ / The Queer Bible¹²

I directed and edited this experimental microshort that examines the rules that come alongside the performance of black masculinity in a rural setting through the abstract recreation of an old family photograph. 

²I curated a digital archive of scanned in photos that document my mothers’ family growing up as first generation Jamaican immigrants in seventies Gloucestershire.

³I directed a short film that explores the theatrics of modern masculinity through the synthesis of a drag king, a working men’s club and a Shakespearean monologue. The film was made as a part of the Arts Council England funded First Acts scheme alongside Bristol-based production company Calling the Shots and premiered as a part of Playback Festival 2018 at the ICA.  

⁴More info to come soon.

⁵I’ve been involved in the preselection and promotion stages of the upcoming 2019 edition of the Gold on Film festival, which showcases and celebrates the cinematic and moving image output of Goldsmiths’ staff, students and alumni.

⁶I joined the LSFF team ahead of the sixteenth edition of their festival, assisting the team with various admin tasks in the run up to the programme launch, as well as taking part in competition juries, introducing programmes and hosting post-screening discussions with filmmakers during the festival.

⁷I host a radio show where I play variations of the same song sourced from Youtube for an hour.

⁸I previewed the LSFF 2019 programme for Resonance 104.4 FM.

⁹I produced and hosted a one-off radio show for Resonance 104.4 FM, which featured a series of conversations with young creatives from across England about their filmmaking experiences.